Love Story

Started reading Howard Schultz’s Onward. I love love love what he said here as it resonates with me on so many levels. Be You International (and all its butterflies) is my baby, my mission, and my life purpose. A love story indeed!
I had my high highs and low lows throughout the last 6 years of growing it and I wouldn’t wanna be doing anything else even though I’d be making a lot more money elsewhere or working a lot less at my dad’s business … my options are wide open.

But alas…I’ve decided to give the coming 260 days that bring us to 31 Dec my all…after which I will make the decision to close shop here in Abu Dhabi or not…and then move back to Canada. This means back to working 7 days a week and having no personal life. This means back to the drawing board and to business-related courses. This means to support and help me any way you can, please and thank you.

The last year or so had been so hard that it sucked the joy out of it for me when all I really want to do is just to transform people’s lives with a passion… not to run a business… naive I know… and hence the decision I made.

So in true Randa style, I’m starting a 60-day challenge and if you plan on reading my posts daily then you’ll be hearing all about it… otherwise now is the time to unfollow or unfriend or whatever you need to do to dodge this. Support me on this journey or run. You’ve been warned. Ready for a Love Story?

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