Sucks to be me today. Still feeling very sick I had to miss out on a kayaking trip I’ve organized. Around 25 friends have gone ahead and I’m at home nursing myself better. Luckily, the friend who was helping me to organize it was more than happy to still go ahead without me. Next best thing for me was to look at pictures from the last time I went kayaking in a most unbelievable location in Thailand. Luckily with the weather getting so cool now, I can organize another one again… hopefully.

Randa El Zein Fluffy

A really cool thing happened today though. Poor Fluffy needed food and I was in no condition to drive. So I asked the guy who delivered my dinner if I can ask him for a huge favor. He said yes before I told him what the favor was. He was more than happy to go buy me cat food! I thanked him tons and told him Fluffy loves him for his act of kindness which put a big smile on his face.

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