In the Matrix, Keanu Reeves was offered a choice between two pills, blue pill or red pill. Blue, which will let him believe whatever he wants, or red, which will reveal the truth about life and our entire existence, with all its good and bad.

Which would you choose? To know the truth or to stay in a state where you only see what makes you happy, believing selectively? It’s like that scene in Leonardo DiCaprio’s The Beach, where the group decides to move their friend, who was bitten by a shark, far away to another part of the island so that they can continue with their merry, ‘utopian’ life without having to think about the pain and ugliness of what their friend is going through. Only one other person moved with the injured man…the rest blissfully continued with life as nothing happened.

Blue Pill Or Red PillWhich would you choose? If your partner was cheating on you, would you prefer to know or not to know?According to a poll done at the University of Texas, 58% chose happiness and 42% chose truth. But that choice was based on their mood as the study further explained. And that mood changes day to day sometimes, minute to minute.

But isn’t it that truth and happiness are interrelated? One leads to the other. People who are open to stretching their knowledge and experiences have a greater sense of meaning in their lives. One’s true nature is joy and the reason why most people don’t recognize it in their life is because of ignorance and ignorance is the lack of knowledge or truth. One can’t be without the other. Very few take the time to ponder that.

When was the last time you took time to ask yourself what you really want?

What makes you happy?

What truth do you need to learn about yourself?

Yes, I know, these are tough questions and it is easier to just ignore them and carry on with your day.

What would you choose, blue or red?

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