Awwww look at me all too happy in this picture! And why shouldn’t I be!?! I had 14 beautiful souls leave feeling happier after today’s workshop event. Happyness101 did it’s magic and now they are out there spreading even more happiness into their...

The Time Has Come!

There’s nothing more amazing than to have an idea or a dream that you imagined doing in the far future…and realize the time has come now! In the spirit of the Happyness I want to spread & the Love Generation I want to create… (inspired by a...

Happiness: An Inside Job!

There are two very important things to aim for in life. The first is to reach our goal, whatever it may be. The second (and more important) is to enjoy the journey to reaching that goal and the goal itself once reached. Only the wise achieve the second. It is said...

Boost Your Kid's Confidence

That’s one of the most important goals for every parent. Get actionable advice & food for thought to help you become a better parent for your kid.

HappYness 101

Learn how to boost your happiness & confidence quickly without having to spend a ton of time on self-help books.