Perfection: Truth or Fantasy?

How many people do you know, think they are a perfectionist? In a room of 25, almost everyone had their hands up at a workshop I attended about Perfectionism. Now in a world that is so chaotic and imperfect, this makes me wonder. Seeking perfection as a standard is...

Happy Parents Raise Happy Kids

It is said that having a baby is like having a tattoo on your face. You have to be 100% committed. Yet what I see happening a lot is couples in a relationship that is ‘on the rocks’ who decide to have a baby. As if that poor baby is the solution to their...

Boost Your Kid's Confidence

That’s one of the most important goals for every parent. Get actionable advice & food for thought to help you become a better parent for your kid.

HappYness 101

Learn how to boost your happiness & confidence quickly without having to spend a ton of time on self-help books.