People behave differently when their emotional love tank is full. Child psychologists affirm that children need certain basic emotional needs to be met so that they become emotionally stable. Among those basic emotional needs are love and affection, a sense of belonging, and the need to feel wanted. Without that love, they will be emotionally and socially challenged. Every child is like an emotional tank waiting to be filled with love.

Is Your Childs Love Tank FullMany children are brought up with no support for their free expression of their feelings. So if they’re trying to be silly, their parents hush them down. If they’re angry, parents tell them that’s inappropriate behavior.  By the time these children are grown up, they are no longer in touch with their emotional side.

And then we wonder at why people in general are so incapable of asking for love, or giving it unconditionally. We wonder at why our teenagers are always mad at us. Imagine a world where everyone realizes that love is abundant. Imagine that love is exchanged unconditionally in any relationship and any interaction between two people. Imagine people stand up to their part of giving love. We would then have a true love generation, won’t we?

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