Yesterday I sailed on board an authentic Volvo Ocean Race yacht, a 60 footer beauty that has actually raced around the world in 2011. Apparently, I’m very good at grinding…no surprise there with all the practice I’ve been doing in my personal and professional life for decades! Out of this world experience…and a must try even for those with no sailing experience.


Here’s something I learned that I use a lot when coaching clients.


When the skipper wants to tack, everybody needs to be in position knowing exactly what to do and when he shouts out READY? Everybody needs to shout READY back but if you are not ready you don’t shout NOT READY. You have to say NO and raise your hand…otherwise, with all the locomotion, all the skipper would hear is READY…and you’re in trouble. The ‘NOT’ does not get noticed!



It’s the same with the way the world works.


Don’t say what you don’t want, focus on clarity in spelling out exactly and as accurately as you can what you DO want. The universe doesn’t process the negative.

Par example…instead of saying I don’t want to go out with a man who has issues and is disrespectful, say I want to meet a man who loves me to bits and wants to spend his every day with me.
Life and sailing are so similar. Just saying!!!

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