January was all about resolutions and setting commitments, intentions and goals for the new year. I did a mini workshop on the topic and somehow I even managed to attract a speaking gig in Abu Dhabi where I told almost 200 people how resolutions don’t work, but how commitments to yourself do.

February for me is all about love. And I am excited about next weekend’s women retreat where I will be working with a group of women on how to choose love instead of fear. We all live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with the need to choose. And women especially tend to choose everyone else’s best interest ahead of theirs. That’s all so beautiful, until your cup is empty and you have no more to give. You end up bitter, feeling deflated and worst of all you wallow in self pity and low self esteem.

This coming weekend, I’m showing this brave group of women how to step up for themselves and how to practice the art of self love. This is not your average ‘but first let’s take a selfie’ kind of love which is only superficial. What I’m talking about is true self love. The type that gets you so full and empowered that you actually have it spilling over in every other aspect of your life and into every relationship you have.

Month of Love ChallengeWhether you believe in Valentine’s day as an occasion to celebrate love or not, I invite you to pretend that it is actually the whole month of February and not just the 14th. What would you do to celebrate love in 28 days? Who would you want to reach out to, and let them know you love them? What are the different ways you can express love to others, and to yourself? Call it the “month of love challenge” and check each day off your calendar with a heart every time you give it, share it, receive it, or create it!

Imagine how this simple daily act could in reality transform the world! Join the love generation, be a part of the shift.

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