The Passion Test

“It’s all there inside me, I just want to dig deep! I used to read a lot of books about how to achieve your goals but reading books is so different to participating in a workshop event like this. With every exercise you go through, your eyes will open more and you will be more certain about your next steps in life. It’s like real fuel for your car and I filled my tank today.”

— Maysoon

Be You International by Randa El Zein | The Passion Test
Be You International by Randa El Zein | The Passion Test

Unhappiness in work or love, with money or weight, all contribute to around 80% of people just going through the motions from day to day, not really living life to the fullest. Happiness comes from doing what you love and loving what you do.It is when your life is aligned with your passions. Passions come from your heart and are clues to your personal destiny.

Be You International by Randa El Zein | Passion Test

The Passion Test is one of the world’s best tools for discovering your passions.

Be You International by Randa El Zein | The Passion Test
Be You International by Randa El Zein | The Passion Test

It is the effortless path to discovering your life purpose as featured in Oprah Magazine. It is a simple, powerful process to discover your passions and align your life with what matters most to you.

It has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to live their best lives guided by what truly matters to them. As a registered Passion Test facilitator, the only one in UAE, Randa El Zein is using this important tool to bring happiness and a sense of purpose to people in Abu Dhabi and beyond. This process helps you unleash your innermost desire to claim the life that you will absolutely love.

What would it be like to truly love your life?

How would it feel to live a life guided by what is most important to you rather than just what you are supposed or expected to do?

One click of a button and your life will never be the same again.

Be You International by Randa El Zein | The Passion Test

“I loved the ability of expression of troubles to a group who share your concerns and struggles. The physical exercise in a supporting non-judgmental setting with the sense of belonging was great! Rewarding workshop, a strong experience in generating satisfaction, happiness and the positive energy needed to live life positively and productively. Releases negativity, self-doubt and personal insecurities.” – Paul Choufani, Abu Dhabi

“The sharing session was the most valuable because you get to hear ‘love’ from different perspectives. The workshop was very clear and interesting it was also very informative. The workshop will open your mind to the different misconceptions about a relationship and how you could improve on it.” – Raiza Katrina, Abu Dhabi

“It is a great group. Different topics every week. Gets the inner senses of a person. Randa is very knowledgeable in her field. She has all the answers and questions that have given clarifications to what we are at lost. The group is great, very much involved and connected. I love this group and I really hope that it expands and more women will get involved. It’s definitely a group that can connect to regardless of how different we all are.” – Katie S

“The 6 sec hug was deeply moving and gave me the chance to not only know in my mind but experience how we are all truly interconnected. Also, as this work and info is my deep passion as well, it’s interesting to experience this from another perspective and be on the other side of it.
Randa’s workshop is heart, mind, body, soul opening! It is a wonderful experience that gives you the chance to engage, interact and reflect all in one workshop.” – Adina

“Learning about my Passion in Life and what makes me happy was my biggest takeaway. If you feel lost in life and really don’t know why you’re not achieving what you want then this is the program for you.” – Sami

Be You International
Be You International


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