This Mercury retrograde bull played a good one on me these last few weeks and got me to the verge of pulling at my hair and banging my head against walls because of how tough everything seemed to be going.

Still, looking on the flip side, this past week was one full of many firsts!

*Friday was the desert warrior challenge day where I did 10kms with obstacles.

*Saturday had my first official ‘Afternoon High Tea’ event where I was a speaker.

*Sunday I did forward body rolls on the grass as part of the Spartan workout I go to (last time I did this I was maybe 9yrs old).

*Monday night I played with the hula hoop…and got to actually keep it spinning around my waist!

*Wednesday night, I gave an impromptu yoga cool down gig on a SUP board (was put on the spot, still can’t figure out why).

*And tomorrow, seems like I’m going to India! Can’t believe it as the whole idea and decision to act on it happened in the span of a few days and it all came together effortlessly. When the tough gets going, I have to go fill my cup!

When was the last time you did something completely new, no matter how trivial or silly? If you are trying hard to remember, then that’s long enough. So drop everything and go do something new right now! If you did do something new recently, then share in the comments section below and share the fun!

A Week of Firsts

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